LaDIYfest Sheffield is coming…

Welcome to the LaDIYfest Sheffield blog, here you’ll find info on everything about the festival. Use the menu above to find your way around.

LaDIYfest Sheffield is an inclusive, DIY, anti-capitalist, community-based feminist festival.

Before the main event on 12th and 13th November, we’ve got loads of fund-raisers and warm-ups to get you in the mood for LaDIYfest Sheffield style!

Saturday 8th October, 8pm @ The Red House
Standard Fare, Town Bike, plus support. Followed by a riot grrrl disco!
Find it on facebook

Sunday 9th October, 7pm @ The Rutland Arms
Film showing of ‘Beyond Beats and Rhymes’

Saturday 22nd October, 8pm @ The Riverside
Special Education, Etai Keshiki, Pudge and support.
Find it on facebook

Friday 28th October, 8pm @ The Riverside
Float Riverer, Guilty Parents, Slowcoaches and support
Find it on facebook

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