Writers Groups

On Sunday afternoon at the Rutland we are honoured to have two local very well established women’s writers groups reading us some of their work..

Ann Sansom says

‘Doncaster Women’s Group started in the Women’s Centre about 24 years ago, and is now based at Doncaster Minster House. We meet on Tuesdays 10.30-12.30. We write poems, stories, plays,articles, songs. Anything and everything that interests us. As in any women’s group, we laugh a lot. And we always have cake and biscuits. And a winter writing day trip to Cleethorpes’

Nell Farrell says

‘Heeley Women WritersintheCity (or HWWintheCity  when we want to look particularly urban and funky)

We used to be based in Heeley, now we’re  in the city centre. We meet on Friday mornings 10-12. We write about everything under the sun in every form and genre you can think of and some we invent for ourselves. We make each other laugh a lot  and cry sometimes (but only with what we write, not because we’re unkind to each other.) We agree, disagree, eat cake. We’re facilitated by poet Nell Farrell.

If you want any more info please let us know or speak to Ann or Nell on Sunday.

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