2012 – now organising!

We had our first meeting of 2012 the other week and the minutes are now up if yr interested in seeing what went down.

A few things in particular came out of the meeting that we’re interested to hear your thoughts about:

  • Changing the name of LaDIYfest. It was raised that perhaps this was too specific as limited to a main event and doesn’t encompass all the other things we are involved in and organising. However this could possibly seen as a departure from the movement of Ladyfests and what we have built up so far. What are peoples feelings about this?
  • Changing the logo. It was agreed it needs updating to remove ‘2011’ but some passed on feedback that the image itself was ‘confusing’. Do we need a new look? If yes, what should it look like or include?
  • Updating the ethos. Agreed this needs to be generalised a bit more to expand on what has been done so far and developed further to say more about what we are doing now as well as an organisation not just as a stand alone event? Thoughts on what to include or alter?

The general schedule of things happening this year is still being talked about but please tell also us if you have any ideas about the workshop series we are hoping to organise, the feminist discussion group, the zine and a live band/dj night.

Discussions will be ongoing at the next meeting but any feedback in advance would be great, either on the FB group or email us!

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