Workshop Series #1

In a couple of weeks, we are holding the first in a series of discussion groups and workshops we will be organising over the next few months. There will be posters and further details  soon but topics due to be covered include feminism and class; childcare; language and sexism; an introduction to feminism; queer theory and a bike maintenance workshop!

The first session is exploring sexual consent:

~ Do you always need to be asked? Do you always need to ask? Do you think it’s fit…or a turn off?

~ How do you ask the questions? What do you ask? Who should ask? What are the barriers…and the solutions?

~ Can no ever mean yes? What about STIs? Sexual history? What’s a trigger?

Come with an open mind, respect for other people’s opinions and experiences, and ready to eat cake and drink tea!

*Children’s space/creche TBC – please say if you might need it!*

Wednesday 21st March from 18:00 – 20:00 at the Black Rose Social Centre (FB event)

There has also been some mention of starting a feminist reading discussion group.. If you would be interested in this please see our Facebook group page and let us know your thoughts.

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