Safe Spaces / Accessibility Policies

LaDIYfest Sheffield would like to draw yr attention to two new policies we have drafted by which we want known we operate. There are links below, and they can also be found under the Ethos section where they will remain for future reference and easy access.

The Safe Spaces policy is a set of guidelines focusing on the sort of environment we want to promote at all our events, and something we feel is really important to define the sort of collective we are. We picked up on points we raise in our ethos and how they translate practically. We will be including a link to this on all future events we are involved in so please have a look!

The Accessibility policy is again something we felt was overdue to clarify in order to continue becoming a more inclusive. This was largely prompted by a brilliant article on the F Word blog and this policy particularly is one we would like to develop more in the future.

If anyone has any comments or feedback please do let us know!

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