LaDIYfest Does Flickr

For the Hidden Perspectives launch last week we had to try and pull together some photos to show what LaDIYfest gets up to and what kind of collective we are for a powerpoint slide show accompanying the talk. Those of you who were there would have seen a very condensed ten picture version, but the unedited version was a folder with dozens of photos…

This left us with the afterthought of how it might be really nice to put all those photos together somewhere nice and easy so other people could see a bit more about our past events and activities… SO, welcome to the LaDIYfest Flickr Photostream!

A lot of the photos are owned by people who have been involved in organising, but we have used some of the photos that LaDIYfest are tagged in on Facebook or found online and where possible we have credited those photos. If however, you are the owner of any images and are unhappy about us using your photos like this then do please email us and we can either edit to more fully credit the images or we will happily take them down. Likewise, if you are in a photo that you would not like in our public photostream, please email us and we will happily remove.

If there are any photos you would like to add, there is also a LaDIYfest Flickr Group!

NB – we’re kind of new to this whole Flickr thing, so if anyone has any tips we’d love to hear 🙂

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