LaDIY Film Trip: Wadjda (at Showcomotion)

A brilliant new film is screening as part of Showcomotion so we thought we’d plan a family friendly Sunday cinema trip to see it, the screening starts at 2pm but come meet us for a bite to eat or a coffee beforehand in the bar.

“Wadjda is a young girl growing up in Saudi Arabia and struggling with the cultural conventions placed upon her. She wants to wear trainers, listen to western rock music and have friends who are boys. Most of all she wants to be able to ride a bicycle. Living with her mother and seeing the very real differences between men and women’s lives, Wadjda refuses to conform and enters a Koran memorisation contest in order to fulfil her cycling dream.”

It is the first film made by a woman in Saudi Arabia and she often had to direct from within a vehicle as she couldn’t be on the streets. It’s importance as a story of women’s issues through the eyes of a young girl is not to be underestimated. It manages to approach really important subjects and difficult situations head on but is not totally serious all the time or gloomy, and really the story of a child wanting to own a bicycle could have been set anywhere at anytime so it is very universal in this respect.

More info here.

Sunday 14th July from 13:00, meet in the Showroom bar – (FB event)
Tickets for adults are £5 or for children under 18 they are £2.50 and the accompanying adult goes for the same price.


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