Give your views on a children’s space!

With November fast approaching, it’s that time of year when we start planning our annual weekend of workshops, activities and music. Following feedback from last year’s event and a discussion on our blog, we’ve decided to provide a quiet room at this year’s weekender.

The space we used last year at the Quaker Meeting House was the whole first floor area which meant we had a kitchen to provide food and refreshments, a lobby area for information stalls and hanging out, two large rooms for workshops and a small room for a supervised crèche. To provide the additional quiet space our plan was to hire a room downstairs in the QMH but unfortunately there are no Saturday dates available with the additional room until mid-January.

We’re keen to stay with the Quaker Meeting House again this year because it was ideal in terms of its central location, transport links and accessibility. We’ve considered using an alternative venue but we haven’t found anything suitable for everything we want to do and we’re aware that we’re running out of time!

We’re left with a bit of a quandary of how to make room for a children’s space AND a quiet room, so we’d really like to hear your thoughts.

We would suggest our options could be:

1. Use the usual space but only run one stream of workshops (with a crèche and quiet room available).
2. Use the usual space, swap the crèche for a quiet room and have a supervised children’s activity area in the main lobby area instead of a crèche. We’d also make sure some of the workshops are children-friendly.
3. Search for a new venue.
4. Run the workshops in February (with all the rooms we need) and perhaps just hold a music alldayer in November instead.

We’re particularly interested in thoughts from people who would want to attend the event and have children: Would having a supervised activity area in a communal space be something you felt was a reasonable and safe provision? What can we do as event organisers to ensure the day of workshops is as child-friendly and welcoming as possible?

If you have any comments or thoughts please feel free to message us on facebook or send us an email to Alternatively, leave an anonymous comment on this blog post.

Organising inclusive and accessible community events is really important to LaDIYfest so please help us out and tell us what you think!

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2 Responses to Give your views on a children’s space!

  1. Kayl Quail says:

    I don’t know whether I’ll bring my three year old son or try to get a babysitter. But if I do bring him I think a supervised activity area in the shared area would probably be okay for short periods of time, but I’m not certain about it. At his age (and I imagine it would be the same for younger children and toddlers who can move and walk as well) he’s not got the concentration to just sit down and do an activity for an hour, especially if he doesn’t want to do that particular activity. I imagine the person supervising the area would have problems with children wanting to run off which could be quite disruptive.

  2. Sarah Thomasin says:

    My vote would be for supervised activity area in the shared area as long as you could guarantee constant (CRB’d?) supervision, but I’m not a parent.

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