Call For Student Writers..

LaDIY were passed the following via our Facebook group, sounds like it could be interesting if anyone out there wants to get involved:

We’re setting up an online magazine to act as a forum for new thinking about gender from universities across the UK. The site isn’t fully live yet, but will be at We want to collect different perspectives– you don’t have to identify as a feminist or a woman to write for us – you just need a belief in equality and a strong writing style.

We’re looking for features on feminist activity and gender issues going on at your university, opinion pieces on current affairs, coverage of women’s sport as well as pieces like book and film reviews. We want to engage both current feminist activists as well as people involved in other societies and activities who have things to say about gender.

We can give link-backs on the site to help promote your projects or blogs. The aim is to create a network of students and recent graduates to collaborate on this – if you are interested in writing for us then email us at

If you are interested but don’t have the time to write right now then you can get involved by sending us your contact details and letting us know your university and areas of interest to help us respond quickly when we need articles on a particular area.

Love Isaac & Rosa,
The Bad Housekeeping editors.

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