Decision on Children’s Spaces

A couple of weeks ago we asked for your thoughts about a children’s space at our November event [please click here for background info].

We discussed this at our last meeting and came to a decision on how to proceed. We just wanted to explain this in a bit more detail now that we’ve announced the dates and venues:

We’ve agreed to hold this year’s November event on the first-floor of the Quaker Meeting House, with a children’s activity area in the communal space and a quiet room in place of last year’s crèche. This means we will still have two large rooms for workshops, but with an additional quiet room for this year’s festival, as requested in our feedback session. As usual, we will be using the kitchen to provide vegan/veggie food and refreshments.

We’ll be investigating ways to enclose/section-off the children’s space for extra security and we aim to provide volunteers with full CRBs to help supervise just like last year. We also plan to ensure one of the two workshops running at any time includes a child-friendly activity or topic so that children can attend if they wish to. Nearer the time we will provide details about the space we’re using for the children’s area, the kinds of activities being run and some clarity on the limitations of what we can provide.

We appreciate that the communal children’s space may not be as ideal as last year’s private crèche but we decided it was important to listen to people’s needs and take the request for a quiet room seriously, and we’re excited to accommodate this. We also hope that the child-friendly workshop stream will help to make parents and children feel more included in this year’s festival.

LaDIYfest Sheffield is an evolving project and we’re always open to feedback (positive or negative) for future events. As this is an ongoing process, we would still love to hear your thoughts in the run-up to the event. Thanks!

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