Accessibility on Sat Nov 30th

We believe it’s fundamentally important to strive towards accessibility in all environments but we feel that, as feminists, we have a particular duty to ensure that the spaces we create can be attended by all women and non-binary people who wish to engage and/or contribute. We aim to make this event as accessible as possible but we recognise that we’re not experts on the range of different impairments people may have and the physical/mental diversity of the people attending our events. We’ve written the following guide to give you an idea of the issues we’ve considered in planning our festival and to ask for contributions and feedback on ways to make things better.

Both venues used at the festival on Saturday 30th November (Quaker Meeting House and the Redhouse) are wheelchair accessible and have wheelchair accessible toilets. Access to the Quaker Meeting House is via a level entrance and the building has automatic doors and lifts to all levels. The building also has an infra-red hearing induction loop available. During the day time we’re providing a quiet room where people can go to sleep, be silent, or attend to access needs. We’ve also scheduled regular 15-minute breaks throughout the day and a timetable will be available to view in advance of the event.

All genders are welcome at both venues (and in all workshops) so PAs of any gender are welcome to attend (and with no door charge). Refreshments are available throughout the day at the Quaker Meeting House and vegan lunch will also be available to buy. Both venues are central and near to public transport. Larger print programmes will be available on the day. As well as a disabled toilet, gender netural toilets with urinals will be available at both venues.

Some workshops will be very child-friendly and we’ll also provide a supervised children’s area at the Quakers Meeting House so please bring your children along if you’d like to (more details to follow). Children under 15 can attend the day time event for free. The gig in the evening is 18+ only.

We have workshop guidelines and an accessibility policy which have been passed on to all facilitators. Disablist language is never welcome at our events. Please let one of the organisers know if you experience/witness any language or behaviour which you find to be unacceptable. A LaDIYfest organiser will be present in each workshop to ensure that safe space guidelines are followed and assist anyone who asks for support.

Please go here for more information on our safe space policy which has been updated for this event, and feel free get it touch if you have any concerns about any of the topics we’ll be discussing at LaDIYfest or people who may be attending that you believe would create an unsafe space.

If you’re anxious about attending our event (or any events in the future) please get in touch with us. We’d be happy to talk to you via email or facebook or meet up ahead of the event.

We would encourage anyone who is thinking of attending with any specific requirements or queries to contact us directly so that we can discuss providing solutions or work on alternative options to ensure your needs are met. We welcome questions, feedback and criticism if there are aspects of accessibility you feel we could improve on or issues that need further consideration. All discussion will be taken seriously and kept confidential. Please get in touch via
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