Weekend Summary and Thanks!

Wow what a Saturday we all had!

We managed to raise an amazing £1052.70 for National Ugly Mugs. We spoke to Alex who said:

“Our initial thoughts is paying someone for a couple of hours per week in the local Sheffield project to work on local ugly mugs to really raise the profile and further develop the link. We’re also going to fund all the local organisations to have a free copy of our training resource DVD which will be out soon. And lastly, we’re hoping to organise and event for the local projects in Sheffield and Doncaster”

Team LaDIY want to take a minute to properly thank everyone who attended and, so importantly, to thank the brilliant people who gave their time to making LaDIYfest happen on Saturday. Thanks to those who ran workshops for us: Alex Bryce and the other National Ugly Mugs, Hel Gurney, Charlotte Cooper, Gemma Short, Stephanie Phillips, Tara Matthew and others at Wipeout Sexism on Facebook, Shereen Prasad and the rest of Sisters Against the EDL, Miriam Miller and others from Sheffield University Women’s Committee, Yael Shafritz, Rosie Warren and the rest of the Sheffield Anti-Sexual Harrassment campaign, Marcus at the Red House, the LaDIYs: Alex Young, Charlotte Jones, Georgia Walker Churchman, Hannah Kate Boast and Cara Corden. Big thanks to Natalie and others on door duties and thanks also go to Bettie, Jen and Hazel for all bringing zine distros and to Pollie from WiCAT for their display. Thanks to Rosie, Lizzie and Neil and others for helping on the creche and to Jonny, Donna, Daniele from the Sheffield Animal Friends for all the beautiful food! Massive thanks to The Quaker Meeting House and Redhouse folks and to Mo and Sam at Invert for djing, and to the bands – Ethical Debating Society, Weird Menace, Not Right and Witching Waves. Thanks to Amorous Dialogues for lending us their drum stands! Finally, huge thanks to Emma Thacker for designing our logo and the temporary tattoos, one of the biggest successes of the entire day!

There are some photos up on our FB if you want to have a look, and if you took any you’d like to share we would love to see them so please email or tag us!

We are all absolutely exhausted so have decided to postpone the film screening on Thurs 5th Dec until the New Year when we will meet up and start planning for 2014. We will announce details of the first meet up in a few weeks time.

As ever, we would like to hear any feedback you have from 2013 and any ideas for next year. We already have a big list of things to start sorting and things will continue trickling onto the blog until then, so make sure to keep checking back!

Big LaDIYfest love from all of us.

BaUa1fLIQAA4eBU(picture by Natalie Hammond)

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