First LaDIYfest Meeting of 2014!

We’re having our first meeting of 2014 to talk about what we’d like to see happen this year, please join in!

– What kinds of feminist and LGBTQI activism does Sheffield need in 2014?
– Do you have any new ideas for fun ways to fundraise or make Sheffield a better place for women and LGBTQI people?
– Do you have suggestions for bands to put on or films to show?
– Which local/national organisations should we support in 2014?
– What kind of events do we want more of and what should we plan next – e.g. discussion/reading groups, craftivism, public speakers, clothes swaps, workshops?
– What is LaDIYfest missing and how can we make it better?

Please bring enthusiasm and ideas. Whether or not you can stay committed in the long-term, we want to hear your suggestions and talk about what you want to see happen. Everyone’s welcome, especially newcomers (of all genders)!

We will have something special with us to identify us at the meeting in case you’re not sure who we are, object TBA soon!

(FB Event)

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