LaDIY Through This – 20 Years of Hole!

We’re really excited about this one! Join us at Audacious Space on Saturday 26th April to celebrate twenty years since the release of Hole’s album Live Through This.

If you’ve ever been a teenage girl, school misfit or music fan worth your salt then Live Through This is an album you’ll likely be all-too familiar with – if not, get listening!

Hole were one of the most well-known bands associated with the early 1990s riot grrrl scene and Live Through This marked their breakthrough into the mainstream. Their music – and that of many other women-fronted bands of this time – is part of our proud ladiyfest lineage.

We’re planning to celebrate LTT’s coming of age with a special birthday party. We’ll announce more details nearer the time, but expect:

– covers of songs from the album and by Hole’s contemporaries
– DJs and dancing (send your requests!)
– birthday sweets and party food (including love hearts)
– FANCY DRESS. Bring your best babydoll dresses, tiaras, torn fishnets and smudged mascara
– a prize for the best Courtney Love

Suggested donation £4 to cover bands’ costs and fund this year’s festival, but as usual it’s pay what you can. BYOB


Annette Berlin (Bristol/Berlin): crunchy wonky pop, new wave blues

Hysterical Injury (Bristol): Your new favourite sibling noise-pop duo

Kinky (Durham/Newcastle): 3 piece hard angry sissy queer political punk

Nervous Twitch (Leeds): Pop-Garage-Punk 4 piece

…Plus exciting covers by other people tba!


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