National Ugly Mugs: Please Help!

Back in January we posted an article on our Facebook from The Manchester Evening News outlining how the National Ugly Mugs scheme had failed to win an important funding bid to continue their amazing work.. We were really saddened to read this because they were the organisation we supported last year and raised funds for at our November event. The work they do is incredibly important and so very vital and we wanted to help continue spread the word and raise awareness.

Here is a video about the work they do and the impact it is having:

We received the following update last week:

NUM is still facing a funding crisis. We are grateful to the 9 police forces who have made donations to the scheme which including Greater Manchester, Kent, Lancashire, Merseyside, North Wales, Northumbria, Surrey, West Mercia and West Yorkshire and we are also currently working with other police forces to secure contributions to the continuation of the scheme. A massive thank you to all the people who have made donations and have done amazing things to raise money but not forgetting the vital awareness raising that people are doing through media and face to face discussions, meetings and events that will in turn reduce the Stigma surrounding Sex Work. Despite this activity NUM faces the prospect of closure as soon as May/June 2014 but we are still hopeful that due to the success of the scheme and the continued engagement of forces using the scheme operationally to aid investigations that this financial support from police forces and other potential funders will come through.

We have been instrumental in at least 12 criminal convictions that we know about and we are proud to have been able to play a key part in this but we cannot thank our valued members enough for sharing their information with the NUM scheme to enable others to keep themselves safe. A massive thank you must undoubtedly go to those who have pursued the criminal justice system to take dangerous individuals off the streets making it a safer place for us all!

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the scheme no matter how big or how small can do so by:

Text “UGLY00 £3” to 70070 to donate #JustTextGiving by #Vodafone or via the JustGiving and Paypal buttons on our website.

Many Thanks from The National Ugly Mugs Team

No one should be at risk of increased violence or discrimination because of their line of work, so please help if you can – spread the word, tell National Ugly Mugs the work they do is amazing, retweet their news, and of course if you can then donate a few pounds (as above) to a really important cause so it can continue to exist and support the sex workers who need them. We will continue to do the same!!

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