Tramlines Chalk Walk!

We’re going to be joining our friends at Hollaback Sheffield for a chalk walk on Sunday 27th July at 2pm. We will be meeting around Devonshire Green in the city centre for a short wander – a specific meet point and short route will be announced very shortly. Bring your own chalk, or just turn up and we will provide some. Free for all to join.

Hollaback Sheffield:

“We thought we’d celebrate Tramlines by raising awareness of street harassment here in Sheffield and reclaim the streets where we have been followed, insulted, harassed or assaulted. Let’s show that street harassment is a real problem but one that we are going to fight!

Hope you can make it!”


‘Some of us know, no matter who you are or where you come from, that the simple act of walking in public can get scary at the drop of a hat. We’ve been followed, insulted, harassed or even assaulted by people who do what they do because they think we don’t belong on the street. Well, they’re wrong, and we deserve better.

A Chalk Walk is your way to Hollaback!, your chance to turn the tables.
A Chalk Walk is you reclaiming the street, your freedom.
A Chalk Walk is you healing yourself, telling the world, “I have the right to be here. To be me. To walk wherever, whenever, however I please.”

So bring a piece of chalk with you the next time you’re out walking. Write a message to the person who tried (and FAILED) to intimidate you. And submit or tag a photo of your #chalkwalk to ours…

We Chalk Walk against street harassment, sexism, racism, LGTBQIA-phobia and gender-based violence.
We Chalk Walk to show we share the streets and that we’re all in this together.’ –



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