‘Good Night Out’ Comes To Sheffield!


Good Night Out campaign against sexual harassment launches in Sheffield with 20 pubs and clubs signed up. The campaign launches on 29th September.

By signing up venues commit to the Good Night Out pledge that harassment will not go unchallenged in their spaces;

‘We want you to have a good night out. If something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, no matter how minor it seems, you can report it to any member of staff and they will work with you to make sure it doesn’t have to ruin your night.’

Good Night Out Pledge

The pledge is displayed on a poster in all male and female toilets in participating venues. Venues in Sheffield have requested a total 250 posters so they will be very visible.
All staff at participating venues will also receive training from Good Night Out on how to respond to sexual harassment when it occurs.

The campaign is aimed at the common form of harassment that has become normalised on nights out such as groping, leering, inappropriate touching or inappropriate comments. It’s hoped by displaying posters in male and female toilets will prevent cases of harassment by setting clear boundaries about what is acceptable behaviour. The posters also encourage people to report cases of harassment and with our training venues will be able to respond appropriately.

Paul Blomfield, MP for Sheffield Central, said:
“The Good Night Out campaign has my full support. If we want people to have a good night out in Sheffield then we must have zero tolerance for any form of harassment. Bars, clubs, venues and pubs have a key role to play in preventing and tackling unacceptable behaviour and I’m pleased so many Sheffield venues are already backing this excellent campaign. I hope more venues sign up soon and pledge to not let harassment go unchallenged.”

Good Night Out Coordinator, Steph Ratcliffe says ‘We have been overwhelmed by the support received by the pubs and clubs of Sheffield and their desire to stamp out the sort of harassment that has become routine on a night out. Good Night Out will ensure that unwanted bum pinching, boob grabbing and inappropriate comments are dealt with consistently. It will remind everyone that this behaviour is not welcome in Sheffield’

The campaign is also backed by the Sheffield Best Bar None Scheme and Sheffield Rape Crisis Centre (SRASAC)

The is the first ever coordinated national action around safety on nights out, the Good Night Out. Good Night Out will launch during Fresher’s Week 2014 in Sheffield, Edinburgh, Oxford, Bristol, Glasgow, Nottingham, Brighton, Galway, Limerick, and the Medway towns in Kent, with more cities signing up every day.

Sheffield venues that have signed up are:

1. Plug
2. Corporation
3. The Harley
4. The Leadmill
5. Soyo
6. Tiger Works
7. The Common Room
8. DQ
9. West Street Live
10. Frog and Parrott
11. Hallam University Union
12. Sheffield University Union
13. Dempseys
14. Twist and Fuel
15. Paris
16. Crystal
17. Beg Steal & Borrow
18. Bowery
19. Rocking Chair
20. Bloo 88
21. The Old House

More info: Steph Ratcliffe: Sheffield@ihollaback.org /


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