100 Days of Activism

Have you been following #100daysofactivism ?

“You may have already heard about #100 Days of Activism started by Let’s Start a Pussy Riot collective to try and challenge and redefine ideas around creative and political activism. Let’s Start a Pussy Riot published a book last year with Rough Trade Records, a collection of creative responses to the incarceration of Russian Punk band Pussy Riot. Following the release of the book we toured UK Universities and found that students although politically engaged and passionate about political issues – most did not identify as “Activists” – we felt that perhaps we needed to reframe and redefine what activism means for young people today. This is where our #100 Days of Activism campaign comes in, we want to create a buzz on social media about activism in its many forms and engage and inspire people to see how even small steps can make a big difference.”




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