The Deletion of the LaDIYfest Facebook Account

Please help!

Last night we were pretty devastated to find out that the LaDIYfest ‘person’ account had been deleted by Facebook, along with its archive of photos, messages, groups, and previous and future events. The account has been replaced with a ‘community’ page which we’re still not sure how to use yet (any help would be appreciated).

This account has taken us four years to build and, although there’s something embarrassing about mourning the data stored by a capitalist virtual social network, it still feels like a pretty huge loss. At this point we don’t know what led to the deletion of the account, it may have been that we were reported (and the timing does seem to suggest that our involvement in the Ched Evans campaign could have had something to do with this) or it could just be that Facebook was keeping to its promise to delete accounts which aren’t ‘real’ names.

Either way, it’s going to take us a long time to rebuild what we once had. The promotion for our big festival on the 29th November has been seriously damaged because the Facebook event pages were deleted when Facebook de-activated our profile. We’ve since created new events but we’re not able to re-invite people who ‘like’ our community in the way that we could with our Facebook ‘friends’. Please do us a huge favour and help us to share our new event pages (and the info on our blog) and make sure the 29th November is as successful as it can be! Thank you 🙂

Facebook daytime event:
Facebook evening event:

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3 Responses to The Deletion of the LaDIYfest Facebook Account

  1. Paul says:

    I’m pretty sure you can technically and legally request that facebook send you a physical copy of all your data. I’d contact them regarding the profile requesting this, you should be able to retrive your images at least.

  2. GRIM says:

    i’d suggest it is because you have reach your capacity friend count. Facebook has a limited of how many friends as ‘person’ account can have before it recognises that it is a promotional tool and turns it into a page.
    Ive known this happen to a few friends of mine.

    Pages are easy to use, but then they fall foul to facebooks ever changing rules in regards to the amount of people that can see your posts – again, in regards to the fact that you’re using it as a promotional pool rather than a personal account, I guess.

  3. Much love and support, guys.

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