Nov 29th Summary / 2015

Huge apologies for our delay in this blog post but things have been a bit hectic at LaDIY Towers since our hugely successful and awesomely amazing event on Nov 29th..

We can however tell you now that on the day with our events at The Quaker Meeting House and at The RedHouse, we raised a grand total of £1136.70 and will be donating a nice round figure of £1000 to WiCAT who previously told us:

“We are currently trying to raise £1000 required to match the funding for our technician post.  This money will enable us to renew tools and maintain our tool library, which as you can imagine, are in constant use in our classes.  They are now in urgent need of repair and replacement in order for us to continue our work effectively, so any money raised would be gratefully received towards this specific goal.”

The rest of the money raised (£136.70) will be reinvested back into LaDIYfest Sheffield to help us with events and FUN in 2015.

It’s also now the perfect opportunity to thank everyone who has helped this past year with organising and volunteering at events, people who have participated and performed and most importantly those who have attended and supported – you are all AWESOME!!

Looking ahead to 2015, it seems like things might be changing within LaDIY Towers so here is the ever open call out for YOU to come and get involved and make things happen, it is heaps of fun and you get to hang out with rad feminists – We will be meeting in January (date to follow) to discuss what next and it can only work with your ideas!!




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