LaDIYfest Open Meeting – Where next for 2015?

Times and faces are changing at camp LaDIYfest so 2015 is totally up for grabs. We would love you to join us at this open meeting to discuss plans for the future. More than ever we really need new people to get involved and help shape the collective for the year ahead. We would love to hear your ideas on how that might look!

Things we might be discussing:
– What could/should LaDIYfest be doing in 2015?
– Action to protest the Julie Bindel talk in Sheffield in Feb!
– Hysterical Injury / Esper Scout gig in March!
– International Women’s day in March!
– Ched Evans campaign – where next?
– Revisiting our ethos! (Take a look here).
– Other suggestions/contributions VERY welcome!

Whether you are already involved in feminism (or LaDIYfest) or wanting to learn more, this meeting will be a great way to make some new friends and make plans for exciting things in Sheffield!

Our meetings are always open but this one is especially so! Anyone/everyone is welcome to attend 🙂


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