LaDIYfest Open Meeting // Thur 5th March @ Coffee Rev

Following on from our last meeting in January, we welcome any potential LaDIYfest collaborators to come help us plan some upcoming events and action. New faces wholly welcome! FB event for this meeting here!

Things we will be plotting and discussing:
-Our Festival of Debate workshop on April 25th:
We would like to discuss what outcomes we hope to get out of the workshop, as well as planning creative ways we can express and publicise our resulting manifesto
-The potential to host a mini-arts festival night on Sat, June 6th where local artists and makers will be invited to respond to the resulting manifesto of feminist values
-Our upcoming Hysterical Injury gig at TAAE on March 28t (FB event!)

All of these events are in the early planning stages so we would welcome volunteers to come on board and help out with a variety of tasks!
We are also open to suggestions for other LaDIYfest events and activities, so please feel free to bring your own ideas along that we can work on!

Meeting at 5.30pm-7ish, at Coffee Revolution at University of Sheffield Students’ Union. We will have something recognisable on the table so you will know who to approach – will confirm what this shall be closer to the date! x

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