Your Feminist Manifesto – make your voice heard!

What would YOU like a feminist government to achieve? With inequality, sexism and violence a part of so many peoples lives, Sheffield’s Feminist Manifesto is a chance to create a list of demands for a government to inspire, liberate and find solutions to these problems.

At 1pm – 3pm on Saturday 25th of April, we invite you to join us at Moor Theatre Delicatessen (The Moor, S1 4PF, Sheffield) to join the discussion, comment and make suggestions for what YOU would like to see a feminist government achieve.

LaDIYfest members have been busily thinking up some issues that a feminist government might tackle – what do you think of them? Do you agree or disagree with them? What other aims would you like a feminist government to have? If you have any ideas, please share them here using the comment box below, and if you can, bring your ideas with you on Saturday 25th April!

Environmental Issues

  • Protect the Hunting Act 2004, which is currently under debate for repeal.
  • Ban fracking in the UK.
  • Awareness raising campaign in schools for menstrual cups (e.g. Mooncup) as a more environmentally friendly menstrual product option.

Sex, Relationships and Body Issues

  • Better sex education in schools, covering topics such as gender identity, consent, contraception, unrealistic gender ideations and body standards portrayed in the media, etc.
  • Standards and legislation to be put in place so advertising/media cannot so openly objectify bodies or use sexualisation as a selling tool.
  • The tax on menstrual care (tampons, sanitary pads, etc.) to be dropped.

Public Places, Transport and Facilities

  • Safe and affordable night-time transport for women, LGBTQ people and more vulnerable members of society
  • A re-haul of what constitutes an accessible bathroom, to be inclusive to gender non-binary and trans* people.
  • Publicly funded ad campaigns against street harassment or street violence for any reason including gender identity, race, ability, sexuality, class etc.

Health and Social Care

  • Improved provision of mental health care for pregnant women and new parents, particularly to address the risk of post-natal depression in its early stages.
  • Better awareness among healthcare professionals around issues of gender and Trans* and non-binary identities, and improved care for these groups whether or not they choose to have gender confirmation procedures.
  • Increase access to mental health care for women in general given proportions of women affected by ill health, ensure 18 week wait targets and NHS legislation is introduced in line with physical care agendas


  • Protection from harassment and violence for women and vulnerable members of society going through the UK asylum process.
  • Mental health provision for people arriving in this country having suffered domestic and sexual violence.
  • The EU to be lobbied for sexuality and gender identity to become protected statuses for refugees, as there is currently no protection in law for LGBTQ asylum seekers on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity.


  • More even representation in political parties of the general population – seeking to include women, people from a cross-section of ethnicities, LGBTQ people, people from different class backgrounds, and people with disabilities
  • Political culture to move towards civilised discussion of sustainable long-term policies, rather than the current model of focus on short term popularity for individual candidates.
  • Educational curriculum to include information on form and function of current political system, in order to encourage political engagement from a young age.

Justice, Crime & Violence

  • Need for UK penal system to be reformatted as a system of rehabilitation rather than punishment.
  • Awareness, sensitivity and respect towards vulnerable members of society should be integral aspects of the culture of the Justice system, as well as current mandatory diversity training.
  • An end to the two-year time-limit on evidence of domestic violence for a person to qualify for legal aid.

Education & Childcare

  • More work should be done in primary and secondary schools to be rid of the current gender gap (particularly in science subjects).
  • Education should include mandatory practical information on issues which will inevitably affect children when they leave school, such as basic economics, budgeting, nutrition and exercise, etc.
  • More Surestart centres to be opened/protected from closure to provide support to families


  • The various allowances for people who are unable to work should be allocated fairly so as not to penalise those genuinely too unwell to work.
  • No more zero-hours contracts.
  • Women still earn on average 85% of what their male counterparts earn; legislation must be put in place to deal with this pay gap.


  • Reinstate and increase the rate of universal child benefit and at the same rate for each additional child
  • End unfairness for single parent families, by ending tax breaks for married couples where one partner earns less (which could tie people into abusive relationships), and replace with a higher tax free threshold for everyone, and higher taxes for the very rich
  • Increase state benefits to a level permitting a good standard of living, with increased flexibility for claimants around childcare and attendance at jobcentres

Comments? Ideas? Please share them!

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