Solidarity to Sheffield Sex Workers/Dancers

LaDIYfest Sheffield have been made aware that the Sheffield Feminist Network are calling on the Sheffield Council to reject the application for a renewal of the SEV (Sexual Entertainment Venue) licence from lap dancing clubs, Spearmint Rhino and Villa Mercedes.  The have been circulating the following message:



Dear All,

Spearmint Rhino and Villa Mercedes-2 sex clubs ‘officially’ called ‘sexual entertainment venues’- have their Sexual Entertainment Venue Licenses up for renewal with Sheffield Council.

There will be a meeting to discuss how to effectively object to these joints being re-licensed at THE SHOWROOM CINEMA CAFE AT 6PM ON WEDNESDAY 20th MAY.

Objections can be sent to the Council-email address below.

Councils are legally obliged only to consider objections under 4 grounds, called licensing objectives.

Here’s the Council’s Licensing Policy (currently under review) just in case you are struggling to make representation against the 4 licensing objectives –

Object in writing to the Licensing Department by sending an email to

The deadline for representations is 28th May.
Your representation must be relevant to one or more of the licensing objectives:
– The prevention of crime and disorder
– Public safety
– The prevention of public nuisance
– The protection of children from harm

PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR NETWORKS and let me know if you plan to make a representation.

Come and join us on Wednesday. ********* Let them know that WOMEN’S BODIES ARE NOT FOR SALE ****************************

Best wishes”

We encourage people to read a statement written by the Edinburgh Feminists when a similar situation arose in York a year and a half ago. Like the Edinburgh Feminists, we offer our solidarity to the dancers of the clubs under threat – we support their right to bodily autonomy and their right to work in safe conditions, and we oppose the campaign to take these women’s jobs away.

We would welcome opening up a safe dialogue not just with SFN, but with the women that any action would effect.

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One Response to Solidarity to Sheffield Sex Workers/Dancers

  1. Sad I will not be in the area for this one. While I support the right of women to bodily autonomy, there is also an onus on men to understand women are not merely tools to their enjoyment, anymore than men are tools for men of status to use to play tribal leader in their quest for women. As such, of course, the two feminist positions are interlinked and I wish you both the best of luck.

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