LaDIY Goes To Doc/Fest

Here’s our sort of yearly round up of what might be interesting to watch if yr going to Doc/Fest this year, running at the Showroom and other assorted venues from June 5th – 10th. For tons more info and tickets etc etc, check our their website. These picks are mostly written by Hannah and a bit added by Cara [edit – and thankyou to Sarah Sparkle!] but if you think we have missed anything that we can add, do please let us know as our list is by no way exhaustive and only based on a skim of the program (cos it’s really huge, yeah?).

  • Luchadora – In Mexico the popularity of masked wrestling rivals that of soccer. Single mother Luna Magica is among the minority of professional Luchadoras in the sexist, male dominated world of Lucha Libre – and has paid dearly for the privilege. (12 min short)
  • Speed Sisters – about a Palestinian women’s racing team in the West Bank. This one has been a long time coming, excited to see it!
  • Oriented – I’m not sure what this one will be like, but it’s about gay Palestinian men discussing their feelings towards living in Tel Aviv, the conflict, and so on.
  • Match Me – How to Find Love in Modern Times – This could be a lighter option or one we might want to approach with a more critical perspective..
  • Escorts – You can guess what this is about – what we’d make of it remains to be seen!
  • Scrum – Could be an interesting take on masculinity: about an international gay rugby cup
  • Limited Partnership – about a male couple’s struggle for equal marriage over four decades
  • The Mask You Live In – a film examining the ‘exquisite dilemma’ that is being a man today
  • Pink Boy – a lesbians take on adopting her nieces young boy and its challenges (15mins)
  • Sinner In Mecca – an autobiographical look at being a gay muslim and undertaking a very personal pilgrimage
  • The Hunting Ground – a very personal look at the covering up of rape at many US college campuses and what can be done to tackle the institutions to blame

The Women in Docs strand includes a few more suggestions.

The very awesome Phillipa Perry is also giving a talk about her TV and writing portfolio, as recently seen in programs looking at the history of the agony aunt, and what it is to be diagnosed with bipolar.
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