Call out for contributions for Queird Love

Our pals over at Sladyfest in Manchester are running a really exciting sounding event in  a few weeks, below is info if anyone fancies getting involved or going 😀


Queird Love is coming up on the 4th July in Manchester; celebrating, exploring and questioning queer and other non-normative lives, bodies and identities.
You can find out more at

We need your help to make it happen!

Do you fancy contributing with practical help on the day? We need help with cooking, welcomers, safer space reps, washing up, setup/tat down, crèche, etc. Every contribution welcome. Cis straight men, this is your chance to shine! 🙂

See the call out below for contribution to the programme.
We’re looking for people to perform, facilitate discussions and lead workshops loosely inspired by the theme of challenging norms. We particularly welcome voices from marginalised groups and non cis straight men.

We’d love to hear what you got to say about challenging norms in general and in particular when it comes to bodies, identities, relationships, sexuality, etc. Here’s a few suggestions to get your creativity going: fat bodies/non-normative beauty, asexuality, non-monogamy, racism in queer communities, sex education, disability, norms under capitalism & heteropatriarchy, queer, intersectional politics, pleasure, what is normal, sex work, self-esteem, what is sex, trans*, age & power, intersex, sensual exploration, mental health, conscious kink.

All medias and approaches welcome, from creative movement to zine making, from theatre of the oppressed to discussions, from film screenings to crafts making!

Please email ASAP if you’d like to help out or run a session so we can start putting a programme together!

Looking forward to hear your thoughts,

Queird Love crew”

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