Have You Met AFC Unity Yet?

You may have noticed it’s the womens football world cup, and if that’s got you interested then perhaps take a look at what AFC Unity are getting up to in Sheffield:

“AFC Unity is an alternative football club for women, focused on bringing the game back to its grass-roots as a uniting force, bringing people together for the love of the game beyond vested interests and the influence of profit. AFC Unity focuses on women, as they have been historically excluded, and aims to produce and promote positive role models.

AFC Unity envisions a society where the football club plays an active role in its community, engaging and empowering women as positive role models, and using the sport to encourage unity, solidarity, and social cohesion. We want to do this by:

  • Empowering women – by engaging women in football and encouraging development – regardless of background, experience or ability – and by presenting positive female role models, working with the community
  • Tackling misconceptions – by challenging sexism and preconceived notions around areas such as gender, sexuality, race, religion, and age, and promoting women’s football as a grassroots sport dedicated to the non-profit ethos
  • Promoting social justice – by using football as a tool to bring communities together, developing a positive ethos and identity for the club
  • Opposing oppression – by empowering women to challenge the sport’s image as a man’s game, engage in community activities, fundraising for good causes, and campaigning on important issues

We have several activities that people can get involved in and we would love if you could help with promoting this please:

  • 11-a-side team that competes in the Sheffield & Hallamshire Women’s County Football League
  • 5-a-side team set to compete in the Power League
  • Community projects that utilise football to break down divisions in society
  • Volunteering programmes for those interested in coaching, sports physiotherapy, sports psychology, sports journalism, and fundraising”


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