LGBTQI Party! Plunge Theatre meet LaDIYfest! Exciting times ensue!

We’re excited to announce that not only are Plunge Theatre putting on a show in Sheffield, but they’ve asked LaDIYfest to join them for their after-show discussions – AND are joining us at the Peaches Party with LGBT Sheffield!

Plunge Theatre Poster

Fierce, Feminist, and surrounded by cakes.

So, who are Plunge Theatre? They are Izabella, Tutku and Lilly, three London-based twenty-something ladies who put on immersive theatrical experiences, full-length shows and workshops on issues including body image, food, hairiness, and street harassment. They want to put on a show – but also to hear from women about their own experiences and their take on the issues at stake.

To that end, they will be joining LaDIYfest in hosting booths at The Peaches Party on Saturday 27th June at the Moor Theatre Delicatessen – the event is the evening part of LGBT Sheffield‘s Pinknic (sorry for the plethora of links – but do take a look at them!), a family-friendly LGBTQI event which will take place during the day in the Sheffield Peace Gardens.

That evening, LaDIYfest and Plunge will be in the front room of the Moor Theatre Deli, offering information, conversation, and the chance for a distinctly unsensible makeover, including (and possibly not limited to) face paint, moustaches, and fuzzy fake body hair. It’ll be a chance to take a lighthearted look at the expectations and ideals we have around our appearances – with pressure from some media to be completely shaven, and pressure from others to look “natural”, we want to talk about both and help to empower people to find what they enjoy and are comfortable with, and to celebrate it.

Attendees are invited to give donations at the door, but you’ll be welcome to come by and celebrate with us with or without donating. (Donations will go towards costs for the night, and any excess will be rolled over and used at future events.)

BUT THAT IS NOT ALL! Plunge will be performing their show Private View at the Moor Theatre Delicatessen, from Thursday 2nd July to Saturday 4th, and tickets are £7, or £5 for concessions (including students). In their own words:

Part love song and part hate mail, Izabella Malewska, Tutku Barbaros and Lilly Pollard are ready to confront the addictive and futile pursuit for perfection. From the f-word to selfies to panic googling acne cures to extreme diets, this performance piece gazes both inwards and outwards as three friends attempt to beat, or at least tussle with, their personal demons in a search to find their true selves.

This dark and comic show is not pretending to be the solution to the ruthless ideals that society forces on women, nor is it promising to offer clarity on how to navigate modern femininity; It is just three girls inviting you to join their attempt to discover what being a woman in 2015 means to them, digging deeply through a surmounting pile of wax strips, celery sticks and Beyoncé CDs on the way.

After of their shows at the Theatre Delicatessen, one or two members of LaDIYfest will join the ladies of Plunge on a panel which will take questions from the audience, and talk about any ideas, queries or quandaries they raise. These will be nights of fun and thoughtfulness, and it’d be great to see you there.

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