What We Did On The Weekend – Queerfest Leeds and Ladiyfest Redhouse Gig

The Nervy Betters at Queerfest Leeds, 13 Jun 15. Photo by James Robert Birtwhistle

The Nervy Betters at Queerfest Leeds, 13/06/15. Photo by James Robert Birtwhistle

❤❤❤ QUEERFEST LEEDS 2k15 ❤❤❤
A bunch of stray Ladiyers wandered to Leeds for the Saturday of Queer We Go’s Queerfest. We came to do some DJing, playing and talking (as well as dancing, band-watching, dancing, glittering, vegan-nom-consuming, learning, dancing and well you get the picture)… and we did not leave disappointed! The event ran really smoothly and it seemed like there were always volunteers on hand to staff the door, make sure people got fed, deal with any problems or difficulties that arose etc. Big ups for community spirit and everyone pitching in to make an amazing event!

One of our group, Rachel, was present for some of the daytime workshops and had this to report: “There were so many things on offer and not enough time to do them all in, unfortunately. A self-defence workshop was of great interest to me personally, hitting things should be allowed more often in my opinion. Also enjoyed the Kink 101 workshop, because Queers do kink better than anyone else ;). There were so many other things to do, with screen printing, crafty things and zines galore – could have done with a time machine to have a go at all the wonderful things they had on.”

We caught some awesome bands in the evening that we really enjoyed. Chrissy Barnacle came all the way from Scotland to grace us with her life wisdom of self-love and discovering the real self, as well as mesmerising guitar-fingerpicking and Disney-princess-worthy melodic leaps! Ill from Manchester wowed us with their synthy, disobedient feminist post-punk noise. Particularly impressive were London-folk Shopping, whose angular guitar riffs and infectiously catchy basslines tore the house down. And of course, Martha were the climatic headliners one would expect them to be.. The crowd was a jumping-up-and-down singalong for the most part and the energy was contagious!

Congrats to Danny,  Lói, Lewis and everyone else involved in organising this Queer bonanza… Thank you from the bottom of our tiny hearts for putting on such a wonderful, inclusive, welcoming, nourishing and FUN event, and thank you for asking us to be involved! Thanks to everyone who danced to our cheesey and badly mixed DJ set after the Saturday night bands as well.. It was so so heartlifting and we had hella fun 😀


Fresh from their sets at Queerfest, The Nervy Betters (pictured above) and The Living End! joined us on Sunday in Sheffield for a gig. Our beloved John T. Angle and the Spirit Levels opened for this lovely intimate gig at the Redhouse. Big thanks to all who joined us on a sleepy, rainy Sunday. Super special thanks to Danny & all at the Redhouse for being such great hosts, we were very sad to realise it may well be our last gig there for quite some time (or ever!), due to owners Jeff and Tracey’s decision to leave the venue. We thank them for their support for the last couple of years and wish them luck with this next chapter of their lives!

Sat 27th June at Moor Theatre Delicatessen: Peaches Party ft Nine Lives (a collab with LGBT Sheffield featuring Plunge Theatre!!)
Fri 3rd July at The Audacious Art Experiment: Massicot // FEHM // Dead Badgers // Temple Steps (a collab with TAAE)
Friday 17th July also at TAAE: Alimony Hustle / Fever Dream / Dispute Settlement Mechanism

We also encourage you to check out Plunge Theatre’s upcoming show at Theatre Delicatessen, Private View. You can find out more about Plunge Theatre and their show and in our previous blog post(/love letter) about them!

Gold star to anyone who’s made it this far… As always, we welcome contact from new folks looking to get involved with Ladiyfest Sheff, be that in the form of new ideas for events, playing a show, guest blog posts, new causes to fundraise for, or just about anything. If you want to be involved – get in touch! We’re a friendly bunch.

Thanks for reading! xx

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