CINEMA CLUB: Suffragettes / The Time Is Now

Next Saturday – the 10th October, sees a preview of the hotly anticipated film ‘Suffragette‘ film alongside the launch of an amazing looking season of films ‘chronicling women forcing change around the world and throughout the history of film’ called ‘The Time Is Now‘. It says it will be sharing ideas and exchanging information through artwork, writing and music, also in the form of a nationally compiled zine.

SO – who wants to go hang out? The Suffragette film has a special preview party from 7pm at the Showroom and team LaDIY are going to watch the film and grab a drink – screening is 8:30pm and a 12a certificate. Children are allowed in the bar until 9pm.

Here is a bit of pre-film reading too, discussing some of responses to the film so far (thanks CJ!)
“Suffragette’s publicity campaign and the politics of erasure”
“Why This ‘Suffragette’ Photoshoot Needs To Be Called Out”



…The rest of the film festival looks amazing too so have a proper look at whats showing!

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