Festive Foodbank Drive!

Over the last few months LaDIY has been really busy helping to promote the work of Sheffield Food Collective, teaming up with the crew at The Audacious Art Experiment to hold regular collections at for attendees at gigs held at TAAEHQ. So far we have managed to collect a really impressive amount of food that has been donated to local foodbanks in Parson Cross, Fir Vale and Firth Park, helping families and individuals in our communities to eat when they have no other options but to turn to these independently run sources for help.


SFC: “Our biggest haul yet!”

This is a great achievement, but we have to remember that “Food banks cannot simply let the state withdraw from its responsibilities. It is important to keep in mind the idea that the food bank, essentially, is an “outrage”.

Alongside this, Shelter reports that 100,000 children will wake up homeless this Christmas and with extra pressures on domestic abuse services to cope with the seasonal spike as individuals seek to leave abusive relationships over the festive period, services providing foodbank donations continue to struggle to meet demand – With children off school, extra financial pressures to provide food and presents, this time of year hits people hard, as impossible balances are sought.

Now We Can Do Something:

With each UK family wasting £700 of groceries each year why not spend a few quid and go shopping to help other families and individuals in Sheffield with food that is desperately needed, and we want to help coordinate donations at our upcoming gigs on Sat 21st November at The Moor Theatre Deli, and Sat 12th December at Harrisons. So, please bring items to donate, have a look at this shopping list for ideas along with the SFC shopping list below to collect non perishable items as well as sanitary items and given the time of year, other festive food items or gifts would be very welcome.

The plan now is to contact other collectives and venues to get involved and support this foodbank drive – if you are interested or can help with this then please get in touch!

More information will follow shortly about food drop off points for our festive foodbank campaign ❤

Another really important and amazing time to help in Sheffield this Christmas, is to donate some of your time to ‘Homeless and Rootless at Christmas’ who are after volunteers to help fill their rota.

Shopping List

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