LaDIYfest – 2015/16

This November marked what might have been the fifth LaDIYfest Sheffield big event, but things have been run a bit differently these past few months in terms of organising and meeting up compared to previous years. Instead, our collective effort has been channeled into other events and collaborations, scrolling back through this blog reminds me of many adventures – We celebrated LGBT history month and rallied against Julie Bindel, we put on gigs with Hysterical Injury and Cal Folger Day and Massicot and The Nervy Betters and Alimony Hustle and JAHJF and The Spook School, we wrote a feminist manifesto as part of the Festival of Debate, we stuck lots of fake fur on ourselves and you for the Peaches party, we dj’d at Queer We Go in Leeds, we contributed to a panel discussion with Plunge Theater, went to watch the Suffragette film, talked a lot about toilets and talked about Reclaim the Night, and most recently we coordinated collecting several hundred kilos of donations for The Sheffield Food Collective for local independent foodbanks ❤

HUGE thanks to everyone we’ve got to meet this year!

As ever, LaDIY is shaped and formed as a result of the people who are involved, a constantly changing rota of those behind the scenes and at the front of house that contribute hours upon hours of their spare time organising events and coordinating and fundraising and scheming.

Perhaps 2016 will be a year when we become a bit more active again, so if you want to come and get involved, maybewe could organise a meeting in the new year and see what happens 🙂

In the meantime, you must continue to support our siblings in action – LGBT Sheffield, INVERT, Girl Gang Sheffield and Queer Agenda Sheffield and the brilliant things they are doing ❤

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