My ex-boyfriend is a rapist

This post was taken down by Facebook for ‘violating community standards’. We are sharing it here for the safety of the community.

[Content note: rape, rape apologism, abusive relationships]


My ex-boyfriend James Goldthorpe is a rapist. Take this information seriously and share it. Protect yourself and protect your friends. I am not a victim of his sexual abuse, but he was violent around me in ways that frightened me. He was emotionally abusive in ways I’ve only recently begun to understand as such, but which I excused because of his depression. My experience is nothing compared to the violence he inflicted on another woman. She is incredibly brave and worthy of our respect, support and love. It goes without saying: I believe her. James must not be welcome in our community and he must feel the consequences of his actions. I will never speak to him again. I want everyone I know to see this, even if this might feel weird for some of you because our relationships are mostly professional. If you don’t know this rapist, you know others. They operate in all communities and they take advantage of the most vulnerable. Know who they are and call them out. I shouldn’t need to say this, but some people need telling: stop defending them. I don’t find it humiliating to share this story about someone who I made the mistake of going out with for two-and-a-half years. Speaking the truth is a source of power for me. I believe survivors.

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2 Responses to My ex-boyfriend is a rapist

  1. Hi anon, thanks for sharing this. Sending you love and solidarity. If you feel support would be helpful then you could get in touch with SRASAC anonymously ( #Webelieveyou

  2. anon says:

    so is Calum Young.

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