Films 29/08/11

LaDIYfest film fundraiser #2

RESCHEDULED: LaDIYfest invites you back this month for three short films exploring various aspects of femininity.
‘A Girls Story’ (1984) takes a look into the lives of three young girls during the Beatles era. Following their passing from childhood into adolescence and the complications of an oppressive family and a newly discovered sexuality.

‘De Toda La Vida’ (1986) chronicles the life of the anarchist-feminist organizationMujeres Libres (Free Women) during the Spanish Revolution (1936–39). Featuring interviews with numerous former members discussing their involvement in the war and their life since.

‘Ways of Seeing: Women in Art’ (1972) explores the hidden ideologies that surround us in visual images. This episode investigates structural narcissism, the difference between nakedness and nudity and the institutionalised misogyny deeply engrained in our culture.

A selection of vegan food will be on offer to for yourselves to enjoy

Monday 29th August 2011, 7pm at The Rutland Arms
FREE / Suggested Donation £3
(Facebook event)