Minutes 01/09/11

Minutes from meeting 1/09/11
– badges have arrived in an initial run of 100 and theyll be on sale at BYOB, thinking 50p donation perhaps?- banner v2 is complete and looks awesome. will debut at BYOB also but ill try and email a pic later. banner v1 needs to be retrieved along with cash from dean. cant remember if mike was going to sort?

– requests for zine submissions has gone out with a deadline of oct 9th. if anyone here wants to do owt eve is coordinating this. she has put info on facebook so please spam about! going to try and get people involved at sheff zine fayre!

– bags. fiona has ordered 5 red, 13 black and 12 white. need to get printed with designs when they arrive.

– bands for main event. think the line up for the saturday evening is pretty much confirmed as follows (in no order):

bellies http://www.debi-rah.net/page30.htm
executive legs https://www.facebook.com/executivelegs
cover girl http://covergirlnoise.bandcamp.com/track/paris-burns
womb http://wombmassive.posterous.com/
hooker http://www.hookerstuff.co.uk/ (now confirmed)
howl – cant find a link can someone update! (fiona to confirm)

– djs for main event also sorted. typical girls (jess) and legaliz

– sunday of main event less sorted but coming together. delia to do spoken word? the film tom suggested recently with led discussion? free shop? louie stafford keen to do something acoustic? suggestions welcome!

– workshops. agreed to run the main workshop sessions between 2 and 6 with set up and sign in from 1 but show short films after main sessions till 7 as per fionas suggestion. food ongoing througout the day, SAF to sort. katie edwards (http://www.katiebernardedwards.com/) keen to run something. as per fionas email women in steel is now less certain but hopefully can sort something out. need to send out proforma to start figuring out times and slots as to how many we can run. have discussed arranging another visit to croft house to look at how we can use space again. mike suggested women anti capitalist   workshop. still keen to make sure we have a good range of things covered.

– website. had an update from the guy sorting something out that hes working on it so hopefully eta soon.

– gig fundraisers details as follows:

BYOB sept 10th at the earl – please plug lots this next week!

daisy daisy does (me) oct 8th at the red house with standard fare https://www.facebook.com/standardfare, town bike http://www.myspace.com/townbike and the nature set http://natureset.bandcamp.com/ plus grrrl disco after

riverside gig #1 oct 22nd with special education, nu pgodi, etai keshiki. maybe more tbc, fiona and charlotte sorting!

riverside gig #2 oct 28th with float riverer, guilty parents, charlene darling and kerry doing a synth set. maybe more tbc, fiona and charlotte sorting! and im running out of time to link to all the bands so ill leave fiona or charlotte to do that later and update?? other bands being contacted. pudge to play but cant remember which date!

– film fundraiser. next one booked sept 18 at rutland but films tbc. discussed trying to do something larger or more legit, maybe at showroom. someone to contact them?? discussed buying films/licenses but talking a cost so depends if its viable. to think about more.

– fionas got the charity tin, will be decorated with rape crisis logo and info and maybe ladiyfest flyer too.

– press / promo. starting to collate list, any suggestions or if anyone wants to take a lead on this please let us know!

– free school on oct 15th, definitely going to have a stall with the zine activity and have a timeline of feminism activity. maybe a film fiona has about ladyfests and riot grrl and short introduction about ladiyfest. agreed to all think about things we would like on the timeline and to bring to next meeting or email.

– lashings of ginger beer for the sun – quite expensive but trying to negotiate?

– google docs has been set up with lots of ongoing lists, jpegs and info etc. can be accessed by logging into the ladiyfest gmail account if anyone wants a look 🙂