Minutes 02/08/11

Minutes from LaDIYFest Organising meeting – Tuesday 2nd August


  • Croft House available from 1pm Saturday 13th November
  • People going to look at Croft House this Thursday 6.30pm
  • rooms are £13.5 per hour to hire
  • still need to get red house confirmed (this has been confirmed now Cara got in contact with Jeff he is up for having red house open during day on Saturday as well as the gig in the evening).
  • Idea to have stuff at red house in the morning, use it as a base, have an info stall, maybe have the Rape Crisis photo montage based here if it will fit?
  • Can have lunch at red house, intro talk.
  • Can ask Jeff if they could provide food.

Fund raiser gig and after party

  • Red house is free Thursdays and Sundays to use for gig space. A Thursday night would probably be the best night out of the two to do a gig if we wanted to take advantage of using a venue space for free.
  • Charlotte, Eve and Fiona are happy to continue to work together to organise this event
  • Fiona – three bands have been contacted and are up for doing the fund raiser
  • Riverside venue is also free – look to see if they could host fund raiser on a Saturday
  • Eve also going to contact legalise DJ (not sure if I heard that name right sorry if its wrong :-/)
  • Can sort out decks etc… for that
  • Charlotte has also contacted Shakespeare as another possible event for gig.
  • Contact Nazdrove Balkan Bandits, lead female singer, Fiona will contact Tash about this.
  • Get in touch with Rachel about Jazz duo, could maybe do something in the afternoon at actual main event. They are mellow usually just instrumental could be a lead up to the evening gig.


  • Artsol collective TAA – Eve been in contact interested in doing female body casting at event and would like to come down and talk to us in more detail about what they want to do.
  • Also someone would like to talk about the legalisation of squatting and how this would affect women. Get more information.
  • Fiona – Women of Steel – tried to contact them waiting to hear back from them they seemed interested in doing something
  • George – Ace defence still up for doing a workshop waiting to hear if Nicola would like money to do it and if she needs specific requirements

Film Night

  • keep it to monthly showings towards end of each month
  • need to promote next ones more
  • look into doing it at the Sharrow Pike experiment – Fiona and Tom going to check it out on Thursday
  • Next magic lantern is on 31st August so do our next film fund raiser on 21st August so they don’t clash.
  • Films that would be good to show over next film showings: The Piano, Working girls, Women in Spain, Cathy come home.
  • Good to keep them all female directed.
  • Next film we will show on the 21st – Women in Spain and ways of seeing.
  • 3rd film showing show all surrealist avant garde films Tom has
  • 4th ?
  • Tom has a template for flyer
  • Make it by Thursday – black and white so its easy to photocopy
  • Next fund raiser to be at the Rutlands Tom will look into venue and book


  • need to get LaDIYFest promoted outside the scene
  • publicise in Uni, contact feminist lectures
  • email women officers at uni and ask to circulate info on internal email lists and in lectures
  • flyer at fargate
  • make a flyer, using image from one we have but have the ethos of the event on the back, make it double sided
  • ask Jonathan if he can put an article about event in Now Then
  • get in contact with community radio to put advert out
  • contact star, BBC Sheffield nearer time to do press release
  • contact other organisations to advertise and give them flyers
  • research into other organisations, community centres, public libraries, cafes, health centres etc… to drop in flyers.
  • Start thinking about getting paid promo for event when we have more info and confirmed venue.
  • We should contact star, BBC sheffield, Now Then etc… to find out deadlines for when they would need press release


  • Bank account to put money somewhere safe
  • is difficult to set up an account
  • Fiona offered a bank account she doesn’t use for us to store money but won’t be able to take on responsibility of depositing money as difficult to get in town
  • Dean offered to do this Fiona will pass on account details to Dean

Any other business

  • child friendly nature of event, should put on flyer for event that it will be child friendly and there will be kid friendly workshops

Next meeting Monday 8th August Bath Hotel 7pm