Minutes 05/10/11

meeting wednesday 5th october

– feminist timeline. hazel and hannah have a list of things they have collated to include. any more suggestions please email asap. hazel to add list to google docs. plan is to meet at caras after meeting next week to cut and paste and put everything together.

– film fundraiser. charlotte to check with jonny and tom about projector and about downloading shorts off the internet to show. cara will bring her short dvd in case any problems with other shorts. to think about another fundraiser early november and check date?

– showroom. still unsure whats happening, no word from WMM. cara to chase with joan about scheduling deadlines.

– pandemic. wonder about doing a pop up cinema in early november, maybe instead of rutland. somewhere unusual. maria to check about bike powered generator.

– free school. update from eve, looking to be a slot about 1hr 15mins, probably early afternoon. stall fine but cant sell badges or bags. to check on equipment for film, laptop?

– press release. hazel has been tweaking, will upload shortly.

– wordpress. cara met with jen about looking at the design and she will have a look. will also talk to some geek friends about how to get it higher up in google listings. need to post something on the noblogs to redirect to wordpress. eve to have a look at log in.

– zine. eve has been discussing with her friend rik about photocopying and how much. jen mentioned previously workers co op in leeds? also cheap at uni. need to look at costs. eve to meet with chella. all to chase submissions.

– bags and patches. to check with alex whats happening with the screens and when to print.

– press. to get some posters photocopied, cara will sort. jen has sorted out indymedia posts online and would like someone to volunteer to do a short radio interview, any takers? eve, charlotte and cara met with eve from now then for an interview for the online blog. cara has been contacted to do a short email questionnaire for freesheffield blog.

– bme. no responses from local organisations and groups contacted. no response from race revolt. eve to chase re workshops.

– workshops. charlotte to chase ‘we are does’ re art workshop. fiona to chase next week ASHIANA, SWWOP and the led discussions proformas. details awaited from the workshops mike had mentioned. if we dont get info back ASAP we are going to have to leave these and work with what we have details for. had a look over proformas received so far at lengths and set ups. ongoing.

meeting next week agreed for 5:30 at the bath hotel on tuesday 11th november.

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