Minutes 15/07/11

LaDIYFest Minutes 15/7/11


-Cara is going to get paint and brushes from the early learning centre beforehand and will also photocopy flyers.
-People have made cakes for the festival, which we can sell at Pride and put the money towards event.
-We will be in t’other tent from half 3 – half 4
-Dean has big banner and will be bringing it tomorrow
-Tom will get paint from Jez before going to work and will give this to Heather in the morning.
-It’s ok for us to have a donations jar for LaDIYFest on the collection stall, this is the first stall with the big Anarchist A on it.
-We should also have somewhere for people to write down their emails if they’d like to get involved.

Film fund raiser

-This has been moved to Sunday 31st July at the Rutland Arms from 6.30pm (although Tom needs to ring back and ask for it to be from 6.30pm not 7pm).
-Le Tigre has a licence to play it outside your house, something like a £100
-George will ask Chris if he can get a copy (this has been done he is looking for us)
-Tom has lots of copies of the films people had suggested – Born in flames, Norma Ray, Live Girls Unite etc…
-We’d like to have a serious film and a fun film
-Cara suggested some fun films
-Tom and Cara will put more information on the list about the films they’ve suggested – synopsis
-Tom has offered to write info sheets about the films to give to people on the night
-We are using Johnny’s projector and it will be fine to project it on the wall at the Rutlands
-Decided to have food at the film showing, pot luck everyone going bring a dish to share.
-We can advertise it at Pride as a selection of films.


-need to elaborate on what we have already
-would be good to add context to it like other examples have by talking about the history of LaDIYFest.
-Also now that we are raising money for Rape Crisis we should also make this clear
over next week everyone will think about what they would like to add to it and at the next meeting everyone will have a brainstorm and someone can be delegated to make a draft and put it up on the list/forum (hopefully will be set up) and bring it to following meeting to be discussed and finalised.

-move this back to give us more time to advertise and do more fund raising.
-Provisionally Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November need to see if we can get these dates at CADS
-we can advertise at other events between now and then, like the free school and have a stall at freshers fair.
-Going to stick to having it as a two day event
suggested times – 10-4 on the Saturday with a gig in the evening and something like 12-4 on Sunday.
-Idea is to have workshops on the Saturday and more theoretical stuff on the Sunday but this doesn’t have to be rigid, once we know all the workshops/activities we are definitely having we can work out program for the days.


-Fiona will contact Haven House and Ashiana to find out what they need and want to do on the day.
-Rape Crisis want to do a creative art piece on the day and want to bring in a photographer for this. Everyone at the meeting are ok with this and thought it was a great idea, Fiona will let them know it is ok for them to go ahead with this.
-Women in Prison was another suggestion, ask permission to read out the poems?
-Eve had emailed 4 female academics who had been researching into social and gender equalities, unconscious discriminatory attitudes, gender roles in the work place, gender politics and governance. Eve will get back in contact with them and get more information about what it is they’d like to do and we’ll take it from there.
-Cara has a friend researching domestic violence and will ask if she’d like to do something.
-Charlotte has a friend who’d also really like to get involved, she will contact her about this.
-A lady contacted us through Facebook and would like to do an art piece related to the other groups that will be taking part. Her whole family creates the artwork. She also needs to know what type of space the venue will be. Once we know this and have a finalised list of workshops we will contact her with this information.
-One of the Bands has offered to make a LaDIYFest fanzine, it would be really cool if they could do this for the Fanzine fare in September where we can advertise event. Money from zine can go to event, Jess said she’ll ask the band if this would be possible
-Idea to have a zine workshop on the day, ask Emma if she’d like to help with this, something that goes on throughout the event so that anyone can come along and add a page.
-Cara mentioned comedy zine performance and offered to contact relevant people.
-George found a leaflet advertising self defence for women, with female instructor who can also cater for people with learning disabilities. Will email them and see if they’d like to do a session at LaDIYFest.
-Heather brought up Direct Action Training workshop, people liked this, so Heather said she will contact her friend Rocky and is happy to assist on the day.


-definitely want to use CADS, we’ve been told by Steve that he normally charges £50 for whole day for one room but said he he would do us a deal if we wanted entire space for whole weekend.
-We need to get a quote for entire space – big room, courtyard and other space Charlotte said she will email CADS about 3 rooms and get quote.
-Would like the gig in the evening to be at the Red House and Dean will contact him and see if its free Saturday 12th November.
-On the day it will be good to have a program detailing what’s on and the times when things are happening, along with a map and directions to get from CADS to the redhouse.
-Also suggested that on the day we have people giving out flyers about event.
-Need to find out how much we need in terms of cost
need money for publicising event, money for venue, travel costs for people, maybe money for tables and chairs (although might be able to borrow these from people.

Working Groups

-Publicising – George, Alex, Alyesha. Have been maintaining website, email and facebook group.
-Fund raisers – Jess, Heather, Cara, Alyesha, Charlotte, Tom, Dean. Are sorting out venue for after party and film and gig fund raisers leading up to main event.
-Workshops – Everyone, just sorting out all loose ends once this has been done we can write down finalised workshop list.
-Charlotte pointed out that we don’t have anything relating to LGBTQ issues.
-Heather said she will contact people who might like to do LGBTQ talk/workshop will also contact consenting adults.
-Charlotte is also going to contact Rich and Sam to see if they’d like to do a Workshop.

Any other business

George will put out a call out on facebook email list, and website that we are at Pride tomorrow.
George will book next two meeting at New Roots for Thursday 21st and Wednesday 27th and confirm this on the list.
George will also sort out creating a forum for us to discuss things as the list isn’t an ideal place to do this. Also because some emails are bouncing it was suggested we get another mailing list if possible or just BCC LaDIYFest email to advertise things if we are using forum to discuss things.