Minutes 17/06/11

LaDIYfest meeting, Rutland Arms, 17/06/11


CADS (booked Friday and Saturday night but available during the day on
Saturday and Sunday
Need to work out how many rooms we need etc.
Need to find out price
Need to go back and look at it next week
We want two days – first day more practical with gig in the evening –
red house/penelope’s are possibilities for this.
10-6 on Saturday with gig in the evening, then 12 noon onwards on Sunday

Also another building next to CADS that we can ask about

Raising money for a specific charity
We agreed we wanted it to be something local.

Sheffield rape crisis was suggested and everyone thought it would be a
good charity.

A workshop was suggested about the development of the rape crisis
movement, as well as trafficking for the Olympics.


-Cinema night (at Rutland Arms?) need to think of a film/films:
‘Fucking Sheffield’,  and ‘Girls Rock’ were suggested – we thought it
would be nice to have a double bill and thought Fridays at 7pm ish
would be a good time.

Ask Anarchofem society for some money?

A fundraising gig – decided the best time would be late July
Need to start contacting bands asap
Red House might be available on 29th July

Possibility of Sheffield Pride performers doing a gig
Possibility of book fair performers doing the gig

CAKES – everyone wants to sell vagina and boob cakes.  :oD


We have a flyer  – it needs to be printed and distributed
Now then, Sheffield live, the star, Sheffield forum, indy media, alt
sheff, f word, feminist websites, feminist network, Diva, G3?
papier mache women
pegs with email address/dates of the festival

Amy- chair of University Women’s Committee – mailing lists?

Should we have a standard press release that we send? – 2 weeks before
the event?
The press release should be the general description we already have
plus when and where.

*We discussed having a specific group for finding bands /group for workshops
facebook discussion page?
set up a forum?
posting things from Facebook onto the list/website

A lot of people had problems with the name – but thought that the
concept is good / we could do a march/demo with a different name,
people who want to do a specific ‘Slutwalk’ could  get together and do
a different one.

We liked the idea of having a little march the day before the fest.


Womens tent/alt tent available for one hour – opportunity to fundraise/promote
we could either come up with something specific to do for 1 hour or
just have banners and flyers/sell vagina cakes etc…


Queer performance – zine
writing workshops
making stuff from rubbish for kids/big kids
creating a communal mural
cinema space all day?
book swap
outside space
consent workshop
email Sheffield women’s groups
poetry – Kate Tempest
children’s poetry
self defence –need a female instructor?
pedal ready – bike maintenance
seeds for change

WICAT – http://www.wicat.org.uk/
Contact them to see if they could do a workshop