Minutes 19/09/11

meeting updates from 19th september

– film fundraiser. oct 9th at the rutland, going to show beyond beats and rhymes and possibly some of the mens school project stuff. fb event to set up.

– fundraiser gigs, all ongoing! please help spam about online, invite friends. posters for the riverside gigs to be done shortly.

– freshers fayres – fiona has taken posters and flyers to go on the SRASACS stall at the SHU fayre, charlotte and cara also went to do some flyering. will do more on thurs at SU

– workshops. please now start chasing any proformas not yet received, esp workshops! deadline has passed to need back asap. hazel mentioned contacts in manchester who run a black/asian service who might be worth contacting. sam in sure start not sure if their involvement will be definitely possible, to look options still and let us know. eve has chased george about the anarcha fem workshop, no response yet. trevor from snow lane CADS interested in doing an art workshop. ?updates from BME groups contacted? race revolt discussions ongoing.

– mailing list, hazel offered to have a look altho following the meeting charlotte has sorted this out so hopefully should be fine now to add people.

– bags. alex to sort out screen to do prints this weekend and look at materials required. fiona and charlotte are going over next week to help print!

– zine. chella has offered to help out, eve to contact. discuss less wide theme??

– dj fundraiser. cara spoke to jeff about our concerns and he is still really keen for us to do some sort of reggae/dub nite, no pressure from them for it to do very well just wants something happening. to discuss with eve again.

– press list. ongoing!

– free school oct 15th. can ladiyfest please be included on list on fb event of things happening? plan is to show ‘dont need you’ film and have a table with bags, badges, flyers and cakes to sell as well as zine activities and feminist timeline. ongoing, but need to start sorting soon!

– sunday main event. louie stafford and nancy confirmed to do acoustic sets. chella is going to do a quiz/reading.

– saturday main event. contacted shakespeare about having a second event running alongside red house but shakespeare is booked. next step?? need to sort soon as tickets need to go onsale and clear idea of finances needed. to continue discussing. agreement with red house has been sorted, fiona to send deposit.

– showroom meeting. this was planned for tuesday, charlotte tom and cara attended. went very well, to send details about films and joan to look at scheduling to see what is available when. fridays likely to be tricky and probably not going to fit in a screen but could use other rooms in showroom/workstation or cafe.

– wordpress now set up! please start spamming about and any info people want adding/amending etc please shout up. pretty easy to update if anyone wants to have a look themselves, usual password log in. cara to update sections about main event with more detail of whats happening.

– art displays. eve has been in touch with a people about displaying some work at the main event, possibly croft house or possibly rutland.

next meeting is monday 26th at 6pm at the bath hotel, although may change as eve can’t make it. to try and circulate days again and get mtg dates further ahead agreed/booked.

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