Minutes 19/10/11

meeting 19th october

– radio program. erini has a show on sheff live that broadcasts on thursdays 12-1 and would like to interview people to air in a series of segments in the two weeks before the main event along with clips of bands etc. she is going to come to the meeting of the week commencing 31st october and make some recordings then to use.
– pandemic. ?art show 10/11th november with ladiyfest curating female line up or show a film in a two hour slot at the riverside pub. could show emmas flyers, invite bicycle dance troupe, surrealist films tom has all mentioned. monika might be able to show some of her photography. visual art to project? hazel to organise with natasha. beards keen to play for us if this might work out.
– tickets. after discussing selling online it was agreed not to do this but to sell tickets at the end of oct fundraiser gig, at rare and racy and from organisers. cara to make paper tickets, smaller version of the main event flyer but on card and then just hand number. if anyone is really worried then they can email to arrange us sending or arranging something directly.
– phd questionnaire. friend of fionas in durham is keen to interview people for her research on punk and activism. suggested she could email questions to the list and talk to people in person at event.
– bags/patches. problems with alexs screen. fiona has contacted josh. squat in manchester suggested as an option or to look at commercial runs if necessary.
– zine. eve to update, need to collate entries and sort out printing still.
– cds. lisa brought along as amazing selection of different case options she had made and we decided on a folded newspaper. natasha has lots of old copies of positive news we can use that she will bring along. plan is to start making them at meeting next week.
– workshops. draft timetable made up. cara to confirm ok to use red house.

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