Minutes 21/07/11

Minutes from meeting 21/07/11


Andy (?) offered to help with budget and spreadsheet. Possibility of setting up some sort of bank account or paypal for tickets. Went on to discuss pricing, suggested donations rather than fixed prices/concessions? To be discussed further when costs of venues are confirmed and budget set up along with fundraising target. Consensus seems to be happy with sharing treasurer duties among a few people. Dean to hang onto cash for now until anything further decided.

Communication / publication of event

I think it was agreed it was ok for people to do promo for things online whenever possible. Discussed having an official press release and putting together a list of places to send – including ethos, details, line up. Possibly second more detailed flyer when line ups confirmed. General flyers to be photocopied and distributed. Cara will get some done but if anyone else can please up.

Twitter account going well, everyone should have a look and have a play with it!


Quite a bit of discussion about this. Concluded that everyone should submit a few sentences to the ethos thread about what they want included and these will be drafted together. To be discussed on forum and taken to next meeting.

Film Fundraiser

Decided having one a month until the main event, so three to plan. Now thinking show one film and have a discussion and food. First film to be ‘Itty Bitty Titty Committee’ because it’s about collectives and can use as a bit of a launch to discuss history of ladyfests and what we are doing. Cara and Tom to sort out discussion/Talk. Everyone bring some food, vegan/veggie. Suggested donation 3 quid? Tom is going to set up facebook event and do a bit of a flyer so we can put some in the Showroom. Discussed promrting it via Secret Cinema (Charlotte to contact) and which other places. Tom happy to curate other two evenings with films he mentioned but themes etc to be decided.

DIY Fest / Freeschool

Discussed having a stall selling cakes / ladiyfest zine and maybe some sort of brief talk about what/why ladiyfest. Lots of flyering to be done. To discuss further at next meetings and decide who wants to help.


CADS – Charlotte had details about hire – 250 for both Sat/Sun and available Fri/Mon to set up and clear up. Extra for PA and license in evening still uncertain. Tables/chairs ?hire or extra. To arrange another look around to get idea of space and confirm details before booking. Charlotte to try and arrange Thursday at 6pm meeting at Cathedral. More specific details from her to follow.

Red House – to chase. Cara going on Sun so will try then.

Charlotte also mentioned looking into room at Shakespeare now it’s reopened. No word about Penelopes.

Bands – to begin discussions on the forum about possible acts we might be interested in contacting.


Discussed working with White Ribbon Event. More details to follow.