Minutes 23/06/11

Ladiyfest meeting 23/06/11


-Still need to go and look around. Need to call Steve because he is not replying to emails. Steve’s number is: 07816418598

-We will probably need three rooms (one as a drop in centre area etc)
It would also be good to find out who owns the other rooms on site and the availability of these for an after party – look at the potential for live music etc…


-Do we need specific musical direction? Not just punk! – diverse range
-We ideally want to have female bands, female majority bands, female DJs.
-commonplace/Sapphic traffic
-need to think about splitting acts between fundraiser and the night
-Riverside as a venue?
-Penelopes need to be contacted – possible 24hr license
-Is anyone doing a gig that we could jump on and get them to put a bit of extra money on the entrance fee?
-possible pride acts? Boylesque/cabaret acts with DJs after?

-Berlin ladiyfest they had scrap material to make patches
-Screen printing the logo/making a round version of the logo for button badges – making button badges .
-Get the equipment for the cinema night – ask Johnny – projector would be more fun than just dvd player and tv.


-Sheffield rape crisis
-Ashiana, SWWOPP, FGM, Midwife, BAM women, etc… (had slight problem, with the name etc. Present them with the reasons for the name/ the movement etc.
-Haven house shelter people (women and children) – what are they going to do? Are there problems with men being there? Women only room?
-bike maintenance girl
-need to balance the seriousness with some more fun events
-making t shirts – stencils – spray paint
-self defence girl – details? Need to get in contact!
-woodcraft people – in children’s area
-face painting J
-feminist talk – anarcha fem 101?

-musicians – open mic area?
-non violent direct action workshop?


-Provisionally put ladiyfest an hour between half 3 and half 4 – in the shiny pride brochure!
-stall and marquee
-do a banner at pride – hang it in art corner at the fest – need poster paint
-female artist playlist to have as background music.

Still reservations about the name.
We could put out a statement with our reasons and call our march something else, say that we are linking it with the movement. It would be good to have a big visual presence in Sheffield – link with reclaim the night?


Needs to be printed – find people with printers! Need to change / make a new one with the specific details when we know them!
-facebook group rather than just a facebook event is needed!


Gig should be priced at about £3/4 – concessions? Or ask for between 3 and 5?
Donations welcome for the day!
Selling things = money
Donations/small price for food?