Minutes 23/08/11

Minutes from meeting 23/08/11

badges – going to go with an initial run of the two people emma designed. have found another place that will do 100 for 15 quid. cara has done template. michael to sort?

banner – existing one needs fishing out of wherever its being stored and possibly finishing off. cara, fiona and charlotte keen to also have a banner of the two people design. cara has bedsheet and will see about blowing up picture so it can be traced and painted. to try and sort this weekend or in time for earl gig.

zine – to sell at main event. eve to compile, submissions wanted please! can possibly print ourselves for free at new CADS space trevor is setting up.

mix cd of bands – eve has blank cds, all agreed to ask bands to submit tracks. fiona can burn and we can use simple inlay with logo and tracklisting.

fold out program for main event- to be sorted when line up confirmed nearer. idea is to include running orders, map etc.

patches to sell – alex, or just to be incorporated into workshop?

bags – fiona looking into buying some bags we can print ourselves – depends on costs etc or incorporated into above workshop?

finances spreadsheet / budget – cara has compiled and can maintain finances spreadsheet, whats going in/out. can dean and fiona confirm to the penny what amounts held are?

tickets – online? price options? – to be discussed/sorted nearer.

bands for main event sat – executive legs confirmed. bellies to be confirmed. amazon molly / rexine / cover girl / womb – awaited. will email out links to the list shortly.

djs for main event sat – jess interested. ?others.

speakers / acoustic acts / activities for main event sun – delia spoken word? tom to sort film/discussion?

workshops – debi from bellies going to do interactive workshop listening to womens liberation music movement and meaning. alex to do something crafty. george to do anarcho fem still? need to go over previous suggestions and set up proforma to send so we can put together schedule. fiona on the case with rape crisis workshop and others she mentioned. cara will sort profroma to send to workshop organisers. must try and cover age/race/gay/trans etc. to be discussed more next mtg.

food sat/sun – SAF, charlotte to talk to them about what they might like to do.

website – awaited or ?sort wordpress etc, cara to chase.

croft house – sort deposit/details, 50 quid needs sending asap cara/fiona to sort.

red house – sort deposit/details, cara to talk to jeff at beginning of sept.

gig fundraisers – riverside (charlotte/fiona) on 22 and 28 oct / red house (cara) on oct 8th / earl (charlotte/fiona/cara etc) on sept 10th. bands being confirmed. need to try and plug earl open mic and get lots of friends down to take part!

film fundraisers – can we get next date agreed and booked and films decided and flyers done – mike to chase tom.

charity tins – fiona has bought charity tin off ebay we can decorate and people can donate change direct to rape crisis at events.

photocopying posters / flyers etc – ongoing. cara can get ‘masters’ layouts to anyone who thinks they can scam free photocopies to hand out flyers. may need to get some done on larger scale at some stage but can decide as we go along.

press release – cara to sort asap with logo and details.

press/promo – list of publications and listings? costs for adverts? need to each bring suggestions to next meeting.

free school on oct 15th – mike chasing what we are going to do. ideas to have a stall with interactive timeline about feminism people can engage with and to ask people to write down something like ‘what feminism means to them’ to use as a centre page for the zine. eve to sort? maybe give presentation introducing ladiyfest.

manchester diy fest sept 3rd – try and get flyers there, post some to organisers?

bollox event at pride in manchester this weekend, flyers being taken.

lashings of ginger beer – eve to ask about costs ?sunday entertainment.

gay things – need to focus more on talking to lgbt to promote etc. queer workshop focus?