Minutes 26/10/11

minutes from meeting 26th october

– sunday scheduling. discussed possible running orders and what we had. need to ask about doing quiz downstairs at the end. tom to download mutantes film (http://www.bfi.org.uk/llgff/node/1390) to show. acoustic music, spoken word and writers groups in roughly half hour slots alternating to mix things up.
– saturday evening scheduling. links to bands on wordpress, all to familiarise with again to agree running order and sort equipment, cara happy to do this. mo/sam from byob have been asked about djing before and in between bands and are very keen. jess and liz to confirm again to dj afterwards.
– saturday workshops scheduling. ?race revolt earlier but then not possible to have as stand alone end session. eve to chase before finalising. cara has chased red house about using their room alongside croft house and also to arrange another look around before a meeting on tuesday next week. to confirm via list. agreed to set up three separate events on facebook for the above with schedules asap..
– flyer list distributed and split up, but to wait unitl programs put together to do. cara will have a play about fitting in everything onto an a4 fold out format.
– tickets. cara brought drafts to look at, will have another play about using main logo only.
– pandemic. no longer at riverside, now possibly alternative venue but details uncertain. fiona to chase this before contacting people about being involved.
– radio interview. will be recording interviews and soundbites at next meeting. decided to play executive legs song.
– bags / patches. alexs screen not going to be possible, fiona is talking to josh about a quote and timescale to see if he can do it for us. if not possible can sell blank bags to print on at stall instead.
– zine. eve still trying to meet with chella to discuss printing. decided to include more detailed bios and info about workshops from proforma blurbs at the back of zine and an introduction using bits we have written in the ethos etc.
– cd. chasing tracks, most collated. cases now made!
– press release. hazel to finish redoing asap so we can send it out next week, again will divide up press list to all do.

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