Minutes 27/07/11

Wednesday 27th July 2011

Present: Charlotte, Fiona, Dean, Alex, Cara, Eve, Mike


Daytime Venue/CADS

Charlotte has arranged to look around CADS at 6:15pm tomorrow. Fiona will accompany her.

Actions (Fiona & Charlotte to):

Get breakdown of the total costs of hiring CADS for the 12/11/11 and 13/11/11
Find out if there is a complete PA system available and what  the costs are
Find out if there is any other cost involved and if we can put this into writing

Evening Venue

Dean has emailed Jeff at the Redhouse; it is available on 12/11 and we will be able to put down a reduced rate deposit  due to the non-profit making nature of the event. It was agreed that it would be preferred to have the evening event at CADS if it is possible


Charlotte and Fiona to find out about the licensing situation at CADS (when they visit tomorrow; see above) so that we know whether or not we (or they) can run a bar
Once we have this information a decision to be made by everyone on which venue to book

Filming of LaDIYFest

Charlotte’s friend, Amy, is interested in filming the event.. Footage could be used to inspire other LaDIYFest events and to promote the event next year. It was acknowledged that some people may be uncomfortable with this so it will be important to ask permission first.

Chill Out / Massage

Eve’s friend Hess, who is a qualified masseuse, would like to do a chill out room with massage. This could be a separate room or set up with curtains.


Eve to invite Hess to another meeting


The above is group that put on Sheffield Temporary Autonomous Arts (TAA) and they are keen to run an art event. It was pointed out it would need to have a feminist theme.


Eve to email ArtSoulKollective mailing list to get specific ideas for art workshops

Feminist Literature

There was a discussion about having feminist literature available at the event.


Mike to contact the Rack Collective in Ireland
Alex to see if we could acquire copies of the anthology that has just been published by the women’s secure mental health unit where he works
Fiona to collect Women in Prison magazines
Mike to contact Dublin Radical Feminist Network
Mike to contact News From Nowhere in Liverpool

Women of Steel

Fiona brought up the fact that there has been celebration of women who worked in the steel industry during the war in Sheffield. There is a film about this which could be shown and maybe the women themselves would like to come to LaDIYFest


Fiona to contact ‘Woman of Steel’(!)

‘Women in Spain’ Film

A film about women during the Spanish civil war was recommended. This could be shown at the event or at one of the film fundraisers?

Lashings of Ginger Beer

Jess posted info about this comedy queer burlesque group on Facebook; there was a discussion about inviting them to the event as they have performed at another LadyFest previously. There was some concern expressed about the burlesque/strip nature of the act.


Everyone to have a look at the link and see what they think so we can discuss further next meeting

Pink Counselling

Alex has a contact called Carol who runs a counselling service specialising in physical and sexual abuse and LGBT. There are low rates for low income.  She did a stall at Pride and Tramlines and would like to run one at LaDIYFest to talk to people about what she does.


Everyone to look at the website http://www.pinkcounsellingsheffield.co.uk to see what they think


Most present had read Fiona’s addition to the ethos that she emailed around. Some comments were made and any changes/edits  are to be emailed round by the end of the weekend.


Everyone to read the ethos emailed by Fiona and email any objections/changes by Sunday 31st

Film Night

Everything is pretty much ready. There will be a £3 suggested donation for the film and any donations for food. It was agreed that it would be better for people to bring food that is easy to eat i.e. doesn’t require bowls and spoons etc! There seem to be quite a lot of sweet thing being made and savoury is also welcome.


Arrive at 6:30pm to set up (sorry I don’t know the name of the projector person!)
Cara to bring the film
Fiona to bring £20 for change
Anyone who is willing to bring foodie  treats


Film Nights

It was agreed that the film nights should be run as a regular event. After this Sunday, there will be three more and these have been roughly set for the last week off Aug, last week of Sept and last week of Oct.


Start planning next one next week!


It was agreed this would be roughly the end of Sept/early Oct. It was acknowledged that the Sheffield Zine Fest is around this time too so to be aware when planning date. Potential locations are: Redhouse, Shakespeare, Riverside.  The issue that the female bands/DJs should be prioritised for the actual event was discussed and so the fundraiser gig will be more mixed.


Eve to ask LegaLiz if she will be available to DJ
Fiona to ask Onsind and other bands she knows
Charlotte to ask the artists she knows
Anyone else who knows of artists who could perform to speak to them


Links and information about possible bands for LaDIYFest have been posted on the Forum


Everyone to look at the info posted so that we can discuss who is suitable
Dean to email/post the link to Jezebellezza, an artist he has recommended

DIY Feminist Festival Manchester

There was a discussion on what Sheffield LaDIYFest could do at this event which is on 3rd September. Not many of those present will be free on that weekend but we could at least try to get some flyers there for the Sheffield event. Alex has a flyer design


Charlotte to try to scan in the flyer design so that it can be printed.

Any Other Business

Alex can do patch making and has the LaDIYFest design


Everyone to gather scratching material for patches
Eve to find out about badge making kits for on the day

The website still has the old LaDIYFest dates on it.


Charlotte to try to change this.

Setting of Next Meetings

It was acknowledged that 6:30 is too early for some people so the next two meetings will be held later. The Bath House Hotel was suggested as it has a child-friendly room until 9pm and is very central (behind West Street). They were set for:

Tuesday 2nd August 7:30pm

Monday 8th August 7:30pm


Mike to contact the Bath House Hotel to book these