Children’s Area

At the Quaker Meeting House, we will be providing a supervised children’s area which will be covered by individuals who hold current CRB clearance. It will be quite an informal area with a variety of ongoing activities for people to drop in and out of, including:

  • Colouring and decorating Christmas cards
  • Placard making
  • Lego
  • Board games
  • Finger Puppet Making

…As well as other activities involving glitter glues and sequins and cut out people!

Children are welcome to attend and accompany their parents for free, this year we have tried to make sure that some of the workshop sessions will be child friendly, please have a look at the Workshop Details page for more information – in particular the Sheffield Union Women’s Committee t-shirt making workshop and the session by Hel Gurney about rethinking fairytales are suitable for all ages.

As we have previously discussed, the children’s area this year will be in the communal lobby area of the first floor so will be a space in among other stalls and people. We will be doing our best to section off part of this area in a corner of the room for the children’s space but it will not be entirely enclosed. We are able to take care of children from toddler age upwards.

If anyone has any questions or queries ahead of the event about the Children’s Space provisions please contact us to discuss further.

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