Minutes 01/10/13

minutes from meeting 1/10

– louise raw event – rosie and charlotte to collect from train station and host overnight. charlotte will email louise to confirm arrangements / details and ask about any additional costs required.

– hysterical injury gig – georgia and hannah can cover floorspace for four from big joan. charlotte and georgia will sort food for bands.

– cn lester – old sharrow junior school probably not suitable as a venue but could keep in mind as an option, SU drama studio not available during feb. lantern is a possibility as is looking at the upper chapel. cara to chase music in the round and to arrange visiting upper chapel. cara will email CN to mention possibly organising a second show somewhere else on a night the other side to share costs. cara also to check on transport costs for instruments to get an idea.

– bands – double check SKG for definite, cara will email. HH and EDS are yes. agreed to email weird menace and not right next, and to keep ravioli me away in mind. georgia to contact.

– men in feminism workshop – alex came to discuss session with us ?consciousness raising to share experiences and how to share feminist spaces including ways to call out behaviour and deal with difficult situations. agreed to have a woman to co-facilitate, will decide who so they can plan with alex.

– women and tattoos workshop – hannah to contact someone new. sarah suggested possibly a local female tattoo artist ?feline ?thou art and also suggested advertising in tattoo shops.

– sexism in the workplace workshop – georgia to contact jamiec or alex to ask jenny saul

– polyamory workshop – still trying to arrange someone, georgia to contact

– porn/lad culture/p3 workshop – ongoing, gemma a possibility

– body and space workshop – georgia to contact zelda adlers

– queer childrens books – georgia to contact

– women and crime workshop – marian to find out some more information

– sexuality and aging exhibition – marian to chase up information

– temporary tattoos – agreed on design we liked, charlotte to ask emma for a slight edit

– ladiy guidelines – document being drafted on the email list with advice on how to organise a feminist event. will be put on blog and use as basis for intro session on nov 30th

– mix cd – to be discussed further on list

– radio show – could possibly get some press on sheffield live, georgia to contact

– zine – georgia asked about putting together a zine, to be discussed further on list

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