Minutes 04/07/13

– off the shelf. agreed to book coffee revolution on thurs 17th october. cara will email venue and louise to confirm and send forms to su asap.

– social. thursday 18th july at the washington for the elopes gig, charlotte will make a fb event. discussed putting together a tramlines guide of free / fringe events.

– trash kit. georgia to ask fry about doing us a poster otherwise charlotte will ask emma thacker or lisa ohara then can put up fb event.

– feminist picnic. confirmed aug 31st at 2pm weston park and to invite other groups in the area and surrounding cities, meet by bandstand and bring veggie/vegan food. set up fb event.

– carol robson. had contacted us about a poetry evening in early september. hazel to check dates and other performers, maybe go with harland on a fri/sat.

– nov weekender. cara/charlotte to try and arrange looking around the circle to see if suitable and for venues to get booked asap. all to start thinking about workshops and bands we might be interested in and to create public lists for people to add suggestions. cara to look at facebook docs or public google docs. agreed to focus on practical sessions such as political singing and things like sexism in the workplace, polyamory, zine making. will probably focus on saturday day and evening this year only but could arrange a social lunch on sunday.

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