Minutes 23/01/13

Minutes from Meeting 23/01/13

– feedback from 2012 event –
sessions too short? longer breaks? could we give more direction to people running workshops? creche was very relaxed, agreed probably don’t need to structure activities too much. all agreed quaker meeting house was brilliant and would hope to use in future, had very positive feedback from them about the workshops. penelopes was maybe a little big, but great to work with throughout. discussed structure of weekender, possibly having workshops on the sunday as well although would be dependent on costs of venues. perhaps having an event on friday evening was a bit too much, will consider for next year.

– mix cds / digital downloads –
would need to check permissions of artists if we wanted to upload the mix cds we made either for streaming or downloading. need to investigate how bandcamp/soundcloud etc work. will come back to in future.

– ‘i need feminism because’ photo project from weekender –
to check with eve if she still has images and what to do with them, up on blog etc?

– set dates for 2013 weekender –
cara will check with nottingham/leeds ladiyfest and email feminista to avoid clashes, begin to start thinking about venues to get dates booked in.

– choosing organisation / charity to support for 2013 –
rosie raised supporting an international political cause such as womens rights / rape in india or an LGBT palestinian organisation ‘al qaws’ or the orchid project (female genital cutting) or irish abortion support – could raise money / awareness / donations for something along those lines as well as local project, agreed it would be good to support both home and wider if possible. local organisations mentioned, haven house womens refuge and the together womens project and ashiana. can start collecting ideas, perhaps setting up a FB poll or discussion topic. agreed it would be great to set up a volunteer action program to support local organisations by giving time / skills / services, to think about how to set this up further. also agreed to discuss with bethan about the timebuilding scheme at st marys and general skill sharing.

– logo for 2013 –
agreed to ask emma to design another picture, charlotte to ask. emphasis on multicultural / positive body images, keeping it accessible.

– structure of meetings –
agreed to organise more socials and discussions rather than focus being on organisational meetings, discussed whether to combine or keep separate. agreed having a series of discussion groups on topical debates would be a great idea, having someone to facilitate a talk and alternating time/date/venue between pubs, cafes, weekends, evenings to ensure accessible.

topics included:
–feminist relationships
–sexism, feminism and the revolutionary left
–rape culture/rape apologism – it’s not just happening in India
–transphobia and feminism
–size politics
–intro to feminism and culture
–international feminist issues
–animal rights and feminism
–music and feminism
–men in feminism

– reading group –
need to decide a date, possibly to tie in with LGBT history month at the end of feb. agreed to look at picking a trans topic. charlotte to discuss with becky further.

– hollaback –
interested in arranging direct action / subvertising, open to ideas and suggestions and for anyone to get involved. possibly another action on valentines day, could contact other groups in sheffield and join forces for the day.

– blog –
charlotte and hannah are keen to start using the blog to publish interviews with bands and feminists, discussed opening this up to invite people to write guest posts, agreed this was a great idea.

– future events-
a brief summary of things coming up include a comedy evening wtih mae martin in early april, hopefully a trash kit show at some stage and we have agreed to help organise an NCAFC event in early april with rosie. briefly mentioned international womens week and events being run at sheff uni along with intersectionality conference afterparty (charlotte to update) along with a folk/ceilidh night (rosie). hidden perspectives event is coming up, ladiyfest are working as community partners and curating a stage of music and performance as well as aftershow party in the evening all at the workstation – to be discussed more in future (cara to update). loved the idea of a make do and mend social suggested by delia.

next meeting agreed thursday 7th Feb at 6pm at the bath hotel.

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